Since our inception WWSA’s focus has been to provide world-class metallic coatings at competitive prices.  Over the years WWSA’s intense R&D efforts have produced Nickel, Copper and Titanium coatings that compete with any superabrasive manufacturer. WWSA’s R&D team continues to pursue new coating solutions that will improve our customer’s tool life, efficiency and workpiece integrity.

Our relentless determination to automate our coating processes ensure that our customers will receive consistent coated products with each shipment along with increasing our productivity.  WWSA’s current Nickel, Copper and Titanium annual coating capacity is currently 120,000,000 carats and we strive to increase this number every day.

WWSA’s new comparative coating analysis provides the ability to measure our lot-to-lot coating consistency and compare our coating integrity with competitive products.


Density 4.9 g/cm3

WWSA’s standard Copper Electroless 50% [By Weight] Coating offers an improved mechanical retention of the diamond particle in the resin bond matrix and provides excellent heat dissipation. WWSA’s Copper coating is suggested for dry grinding applications where its higher thermal conductivity provides an advantage when compared to Nickel coatings.

NICKEL 30% / 56%

Density 4.2 – 5.1 g/cm3

Nickel Electroless 30% and 56% [By Weight] Coatings are widely used to enhance the mechanical retention of the diamond in phenolic and polyimide resin bond systems. The durable bond between the Nickel and the crystal provides an increased particle retention in the resin bond matrix, thus improving wheel life and work piece integrity.   WWSA’s Nickel coatings feature a very dendritic texture which results in longer tool life when compared to other Nickel coatings available on the market.


Density 5.45 g/cm3

WWSA’s hybrid Nickel coating increases tool life in the appropriate phenolic and polyimide resin bond systems. The pronounced spiky surface texture and elongated dendrites provide increased mechanical retention, very high material removal rates and improved form holding of the resin bond grinding wheel. The SP 60% coating produced a result 8X better than our competitors in our comparative coating test. The SP hybrid  coating  is available in 56% and 60% by weight


to further enhance the ability of metal bond systems to chemically, as well as mechanically bond to the crystals. These include Titanium applied by both sputtering and CVD techniques, Titanium Nickel and Silicon coatings.