• WWSA and BESCO SUPERABRASIVES formed a joint-venture in 2008 to manufacture world-class superabrasive products in Kaifeng, China
  • Our 60,000 square foot Kaifeng superabrasives manufacturing facility includes a new 25,000 square foot R&D and catalyst manufacturing center
  • Manufacturing our own catalysts to ensure that WWSA controls all aspects of the superabrasives manufacturing process
  • As a manufacturer of superabrasive materials, WWSA is in a position to develop new superabrasive solutions for end users around the world
  • WWSA produces and micronizes all of our resin bond and CBN micron products utilizing industry leading techniques and analytical equipment at our Kaifeng facility

WWSA purchased and completely renovated our 11,000 square foot state-of-the-art superabrasives manufacturing factory in 2010.  Our multi-million-dollar commitment to design and build a custom superabrasives coating and processing facility in the US exemplifies WWSA’s devotion to the future of the superabrasives industry.

All of WWSA’s world-class coatings are applied at our Boynton Beach, Florida facility.  Our ability to automate virtually all of our coating processes ensures our customers that they will receive consistent coatings with each shipment.  WWSA’s commitment to developing advanced new coatings will assist our customers by increasing tool life.